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The 1:11 Project

Educational and Youth Services

The 1:11 Project is a critical resource for young people and their families who are looking to learn more about Fentanyl and its dangers. Through our site, we are committed to sharing accurate information and resources that can help keep our youth safe and informed. Join us in this important effort by visiting our site and spreading the word about this critical issue.


Website redesign, branding, social media and marketing campaign.

Helped create and develop a Marketing Campaign that was able to raise over $6,000 for a trip to Kenya in one month.

Original Landing Page

Features Added

  • Support Us Section, Donation Page, Volunteer Button and Page

  • Billboard Project Content Image

  • Projects and Mentoring Sections

  • Resources Page

Revised Landing Page

Kenya Trip

Passionate about making a difference in the world.  We organized a life-changing trip to Kenya. Alongside the Farova Developmental Initiative, we created a Marketing Plan, social media content, and advertising visuals that helped generate over $6,000 in less than 2 months. Our goal was to spread awareness about the dangers of Fentanyl, and we're proud to say we are making a significant impact.  


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