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P.E.A.C.E. Initiative


P.E.A.C.E. Initiative


Non-Profit Organization Native Mobile App


Year 2021 Duration 2 months 

Tools Used

Figma, Miro, Visual Studio Code, Photoshop, Github

My Role 

UI Design, User AB/ Testing, User Research, Logo Creation

Universal Sign For Help

Dedicated to breaking the silence on domestic violence, especially in areas such as Bexar County,  which are among the most dangerous for women and children. Our goal is to educate not just victims, but also the wider community on the devastating impact that domestic violence can have, and to provide support and advice for those who have been affected

Whether you are a woman, man, teen, young adult, kid or elder, our services are open to all who have been impacted by domestic violence. We recognized the need from their website and wanted to create and mobile app to compliment the website, in hopes to help reach their target audience.


Create a user friendly app that users can access during an emotional emergency crisis.

The Problem

Non-Profit Organization in need of a mobile their current website.


Develop a mobile app to serve as tool and resource during an emotional crisis situation. Provide education, advocacy efforts to help improve community responses to domestic violence.

User Persona

Meet Sandy newly married mother of (2) looking for help to get out of an abusive relationship.

Pain Points

  • Sandy is newly married in an abusive relationship, with (2) kids. Scared to leave out of fear of retaliation from her partner.

  • Sandy Does not want to have her children grow up without their father.

  • Sandy is frustrated with lack of community awareness or where to locate resources for help.

  • Sandy wants tpo be more open about her abusive relationship, but fears she will be judged from it.

Design Process

UX Research

Identifying the problem

We conducted background research and an interview with the director of the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, she was able to provide us with valueable information about creating a products others will benefit from.  We learned their current site targets all people from men women, teens, adults, children, and elders.  Bexar county is one of the most dangerous places for women and children when it comes to domestic violence.  Their goal is to have the ability to educate the community on domestic violence and that is affects all types of communities, people, and groups.  

User Insight

We discovered there are not many resources readily available for victims of domestic abuse.

We felt if victims felt they had a safe place for support, it will help prevent others from being trapped in domestic situations.

We discoved through research creating a mobile app will help victims during an emergency situation. 


From information we gathered from our stakeholder interview we were able to complete out ideation process.  Utilizing the I like, I wish, what  if, and dot voting method.


Helped us to better illustrate findings during our research of what a potential domestic situation looks like to users.


First iterations consisted of wireframes to use a framework and foundation for usability testing

Style Guide

Comprehensive set of elements used in the app interfaces.


We used Figma to design various screens, scenarios, and key features of our wireframe as learning modules and visuals for our final product.

Final Iteration

Using Figma, Github, and Visual Studio Code we developed a final iteration.



Future Features

  • Create a clickable donations page

  • Create a Spanish version for those with a language barrier

  • Create a legal services page  

  • Add logo to each interface to be clickable to return to main screen

  • Currently in Development Stages


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